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Guardforce Fever-Guard Solution

Remote body temperature measuring and tracking

An effective solution to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases

Body temperature measurement has become commonplace in the region when entering public places such as offices, hospitals, shopping centers, educational campuses, daycare centres, airports and other transport hubs. It is expected that this practice will continue for some time and although a necessary procedure, it is labour intensive and rather invasive.

Guardforce  has always been at the forefront of IoT-based security systems and has already been taking advantage of integrating facial recognition with CCTV to ensure public safety, and now uses the same systems in using the technology to safeguard public health. Guardforce Fever-Guard Solution, a new generation contactless thermal imaging product able to measure body temperatures of people passing by in large spaces without the need for stopping subjects or potentially exposing inspectors to infection.

By simply installing a thermal imaging lens onto the CCTV camera, the facial recognition system can identify and detect body temperatures of mass groups of people. If a subject with an abnormal body temperature is identified, an alert will appear on-screen and could be sent to the relevant personnel if needed. This alert can be instant via an alarm or via a mobile device message.  With the person identified and recognized, the system could also keep track of the body temperatures taken. 

The benefits of Fever-Guard solution to detect body temperature are numerous

  • Immediate response – capable to detect body temperature for upto 16 people each time.  Detection of abnormal temperature will trigger an immediate alert and to designated mobile or trigger an alarm.
  • Less reliance on human – all measurement are accurately recorded and traceable and historical data can be accessed anytime associate with an individual therefore less reliance on human and no extra manpower is needed.
  • Non-intrusive - members of the public can move freely with no need to stop for their temperature to be measured – vital for the smooth operation of transport hubs in particular.
  • Flexible and versatile – quick and easy installation on all kinds of entrance set up.  The system is compatible with other communication system, mobile devices etc.
  • Record control – All data are recorded and can be easily retrieved through Name /ID Search. Record can be exported for further management analysis.

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